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Spring vegetables, berries, and citrus

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So much going on right now! We’ve had an amazing warm streak in February which has kicked us all into gear—I got the spinach seeds in the ground a couple days ago (whoops, planted them all at once—we’ll have to harvest baby spinach and replant seeds in those spaces to get a rotating crop), today buried our seed potatoes and then sowed carrot seeds (whoops, that’s where the lettuce was going to go … got a little excited there), and Hiro and her aunt got eggplant and shishito in seed pots.

I had hoped to have a lemon tree in the ground by now, too, but instead I’ve spent two days battling vines in that space. What’s that rule? 80% of the work takes 20% of the time, and the last 20% of the work gives you a seriously sore back. These vines literally look like the bad guys from Aliens—you pull a small one that attaches to a bigger one, and by the time you need a pick to pry a hefty mass from the ground you get something that looks like an 8-legged monster that’s going to attach itself to your face. Multiply that by the number of square yards in the bed … this is a huge job. Yesterday I worked four hours and then couldn’t move for six.

Also, we already have two lemon trees on the property. Nobody mentioned them because they don’t bear fruit—because caterpillars get to them. Time to find a remedy. A search for diatomacious earth in Japanese only yielded links to Taiwan. Maybe we’ll have to stick to the charcoal vinegar or the bacterial agent mentioned in a previous comment. At any rate, our tree plans for that space have changed to: Lime, yuzu, kumquat, and some blueberry bushes.

Tomorrow: a recipe for winter leafy veggies!


One thought on “Spring vegetables, berries, and citrus

  1. get chickens they’ll eat the caterpillars!

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