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Japanese vegetable recipes: easy and healthy

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In the not too distant future I hope to report that we’ve realized the farm-to-table dream. That’s still a way off, but here is one awesome veggie that comes directly from our garden. It’s called Ogura-na; the ‘na’ means vegetable, and Ogura is my wife’s maiden name–her grandmother named the vegetable after herself. Good luck with a google search!

Eaten raw, it’s soft in the mouth but hearty like a winter leafy green, and has a pleasant bitter flavor. I love it raw or lightly steamed but that’s a bit much for many Japanese people, who prefer these recipes. If you don’t have veggies named after my wife’s family, you can try them with kale, spinach, collard greens, or anything similar.

Peanuts-ae recipe

(that’s pronounced “ah-ey”, by the way)

One bunch of leaves (about one bag spinach or 3 leaves of kale)
2 T peanuts, crushed
1 T mirin (substitute 1 T sugar if necessary, but not recommended)
1 T soy sauce
pinch of salt, to taste

Boil the leaves until wilted but not longer, cool, cut into small pieces and lightly squeeze to remove excess water. Toss quickly with the other ingredients and serve chilled as a small side.

Sesame-ae with omelet recipe

Same amount of veggies as above
Sesame oil
Dried bonito flakes (optional)
Soy sauce

Cut the leaves into small pieces and saute in a little sesame oil. Add soy sauce and bonito flakes to egg, and cook with the sauteed greens as you like–mix and scramble, or pour over and make an omelet.



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