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Today's tsunami in Japan


Our hearts go out to everyone who was affected by today’s earthquake and tsunami.  As you probably know, the magnitude 8.8 quake was the most powerful here in 140 years, and the tsunami reached 10 meters high in some places.  We’ll be glued to the TV set tonight, praying for the comfort and safety of the survivors.


5 thoughts on “Today's tsunami in Japan

  1. We are watching for the tsunami on this side of the big lake. Heard they were waking up people to evac Ocean Shores last night. All eyes on world news today.

  2. Maki’s family is ok but still without power and heat. What’s your situation? Was there earthquake strongly felt in Wakayama? Did you lose power too?

  3. Hi Todd and Hiro,
    We are so grateful that you are all okay. Thanks for your blog, I appreciate it.

    The whole Oregon coast got evacuated. Zoe had no school today. Every one is doing fine and most people said “Better safe than sorry.”

    We miss you xoxox

  4. Glad you guys are OK. Have you heard anything of Ann?

    Watching the videos, I could imagine all your hard work being wiped away… I haven’t been able to find a map showing affected areas, and I had the impression the whole east coast faced some danger, even though Wakayama looks kind of sheltered. Santa Cruz and Crescent City harbors got bashed up a bit $20M damage) thousands of miles away. There was a big wave in the Bay…

    In photos, the damage looks huge — like many, many Katrinas. Are survivors going to be dispersed throughout the country for awhile, as happened with NOLA? I hope Japan’s FEMA is better organized than ours was — And Fukushima has another reactor in damage of meltdown? Gambate, Sendai, Fukushima et al!

    It is reassuring to see that some elements of life are normal for you. Hugs.

    • We’re totally fine–aside from the horror of having this earthquake and disaster happen in our own country, we are actually feeling pretty detached from it. In America the news always includes ways that we can help, but we’ve seen none of that here. Strange. There was a 1+ meter wave here that overturned boats, but we had plenty of tsunami warnings and tsunami sirens.

      Apparently the Japanese government will pay for 80% of the relocation for people affected by the tsunami. I haven’t confirmed this…

      Fukushima has 2 reactors at one plant, and there’s another plant in another prefecture, that are in some stage of emergency or partial meltdown. We hate to keep watching the news but we keep watching.

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