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Rice update: sprouts growing nicely

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It’s been nearly a week since we put the rice in the tunnels, and since we’ll be too busy to water it tomorrow we did it today.  This involved pulling the plastic out from under the dirt that was weighing it down, folding it up along one side of the tunnels, removing the layer of black mulch and giving the trays a good dousing.  There were some dry spots, so a day early was probably just right.  The dry spots are due to high spots on areas that weren’t level enough, so there’s a good note to myself for next year.

As you can see, they’re coming along nicely.



Also in today were ten broccoli sprouts, two tomato sprouts, a handful of ginger and a handful of myouga, which you can see in the google image link.  The broccoli and tomatoes are inside those silver bag cylinders for protection from wind and bugs.  Do you have any experience with this method of planting?  I couldn’t find any information online but the local experts say it’s necessary.  I’m a little worried about sun exposure.

Finally, a Japanese vocabulary word for you: ぐたぐた, or guta guta–it means exhausted or totally worn out.  G’nite!

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