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Rice harvest: dryer to bags to storehouse


The rice in the dryer reached 15% moisture content today, so we hulled and bagged it and moved it into the storehouse.  We ended up with 28 30-kilogram bags, which represents a good year for rice despite the sometimes very strange weather.

This video is a real quick introduction into the hulling and bagging process.

When it’s done, what do you have?  Wakayama rice!


We have two more loads to do, each spaced three to four days apart to account for drying.  So we should be done sometime next week.

(Without delay, let’s eat!)

Rice that was harvested a couple days ago–delicious!!

3 thoughts on “Rice harvest: dryer to bags to storehouse

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  2. Hello there, my name is richard and i am from canada and philippine born. I am planning to invest into farming into the philippines. Rice is one of my plan to invest in the philippines and i am doing a lot of research on what is the best method on planting and harvesting and drying rice. I was wondering if you can give me an idea on what is the best way of drying rice if the weather is bad. Buying a dryer is one of my options. How much do you think it will cost me to buy a dryer machine in japan and have it shipped to philippines? And does it work for drying the rice?
    I hope you have the timd to reply to this email. I thank you in advance.


  3. Hi Richard, yes, the rice dryer will dry your rice. I don’t know about other methods; the farmers in your local area will be the best people to talk to about that. If you really want a rice dryer from Japan, I recommend contacting an export company.

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