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I’m an American with a few years’ experience in Japan.  I experiment with sprouted and fermented foods.  My wife is a chef and cooking teacher. We hope to build a clientele and eventually start our own farm-to-table restaurant.

Over time this blog should become a fun collection of gardening information, recipes, cultural information, and details about the unique area we live in.

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For some information on Wakayama prefecture and the various activities possible here, please click on Travel in Wakayama.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi looking to learn more about Japanese sprouted rice cultivation to use a flour, homemade saki. Thanks!!

  2. I came upon your site when looking for information on a rice huller I have acquired and refurbished. It was made in Japan by Fukokul Kogyo model “Hander” and appears quite old. It is a heavy duty machine made with extraordinary craftsmanship. I was just wondering if by chance you or anyone may have any knowledge of how I might find out when it was built and it’s value. I can send pictures on request. Thank you.

  3. J.P., if you send pictures to the email address on the About page, I’ll either post them to a forum where someone might know, or point you to the forum so you can do it yourself. I’m interested to see them!

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