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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Nice website! Jenn M. from Pitt told me about your site. Next year I’ll be in Kyoto doing research on local agriculture & cuisines and I would love to talk to you and hear about your experiences as a gaijin farmer in Japan. Let me know if this would be all right with you. Keep up the good work!



  2. Hey Greg, I heard about you from Jenn. Sounds great! Feel free to contact me anytime.

  3. Dear G. Farmer,
    very nice website. I am a small farmer from Maharashtra, India. Mainly into rice. Just growing enough rice for family consumption. Face a big problem on labor. Looking for a used ‘Single line Rice Reaper Cum Binder’. Did not find enough options on net. Will you be able to help? Please?

  4. Hi a good day to you!

    I’m looking for a rice field rubber boots just like what you have in the picture. can you help me where can I buy? Or maybe you can give some information, contacts, website, etc. In which I can have my inquiry direct to them?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    • Hi Rush, the stores we often shop at here are called Konan (コーナン) and Komeri (コメリ). You can find them on the internet with a web search, but I don’t know if they will ship internationally. Good luck!

  5. Hi nice site
    Can you help to find Yuzu fresh supplier to export from Japan

  6. Hi Al, sorry I can’t help you. The main yuzu producing areas of Japan are Tokushima and Aichi. I think if you contacted their prefectural governments in English they could help you.

  7. どうもありがとう

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